I have been to a trip to Hokkaido twice.

I have been to a trip to Hokkaido twice. I think it is a land where it is felt that driving is fun only in the country with a lot of straight lines spreading a very large ground. The place I visited on a trip to Hokkaido was a bear ranch. There were many brown bears. It is overwhelmed with a very big body. I also went to a place like a historical village. I took a commemorative photo decided here, but it is the same thing twice. You can see action plays. Very powerful actions can be seen. The best restaurant in Hokkaido was the restaurant of the beer factory. It is a beer factory that can drink a lot of draft beer while eating Genghis Khan. I think that the taste of delicious beer made fresh can only be experienced only at the factory. It is Genghis Khan meeting a good throat beer. I eat very juicy meat on the original sauce containing lemon, but this sauce is wonderful and tasty. It is thanks to sauce that you can eat delicious Genghis Khan with habit. Just going to this beer factory may be worth going to Hokkaido.

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