Hi. I'm Sybil. Nice to meet you.

Thank you for stopping by my online portfolio. I'm currently leading a diverse team of designers at JP Morgan Chase in Plano, TX. We are focused on our credit card business delivering designs in mobile, web and hybrid responsive experiences. This entails partnering with product and engineering stakeholders to deliver a multi-million dollar book of work that could potentially affect half of all American households! 


I start with the customer. Understanding their needs is crucial in creating a successful product. Once I understand them and their problems I'm able to lead teams to strategically craft experiences that meet the needs of the customer AND the business. 


Check out some of my recent work and reach out if you'd like to discuss opportunities...or just say hi :) 


Fun facts: 


        I don't like avocados


        I get a kick out of conspiracy theories

        Fave TV shows = SITCOMS - Golden Girls and Bob's Burgers etc.


Let's Connect

I live and work in the Dallas, TX area



The discovery phase is one of most exciting. Taking time to research is how I start all my projects. This includes stakeholders, customers, and cross functional team members.

This time is spent in service to understanding the problem from multiple perspectives.

Methods / Tools / Deliverables:

• Customer research and observation

• Competitive analysis

• Stakeholder interviews

• Checkpoints to share learning


After spending time understanding the problem the tough work of synthesizing and sense-making begins. 


During this time I glean insights and principles that will guide the rest of the work. Regular checkpoints to share findings with the team is critical at this stage.

Methods / Tools / Deliverables:

• Personas

• Scenarios

• Journey maps

• Insights + Principles

• Empathy maps 


The design phase is a time to explore and remix ideas into divergent frameworks to find the best solutions for our customers.


Once I have a basic framework defined I can start the narrowing phase. This is where I decide on interactions and  patterns to leverage.


Methods / Tools / Deliverables:

• Sketch

• Invision

• Invision Craft

• Principle

• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe Photoshop


There are always lessons to be learned, better methods discovered and valuable insights gained after delivery, which naturally feeds back into the discovery phase.

During this phase I love having a strong visual designer handy, but if none is available I will step in.


Methods / Tools / Deliverables:

• Sketch

• Zeplin

• Jira

• Invision

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